Share Your Women’s Football Story

What does women's football mean to you?

What does women’s football mean to you?

Everyone has their own women’s football story, their own journey, their own experiences – whether through playing, supporting or coaching.

Everyone’s story is important to the global growth of the women’s game, without the individuals with the passion to break down the barriers and play, without the clubs and staff putting in dedicated hours to teach and enhance player’s careers, the game simply wouldn’t be growing at the fast pace it is today.

Although role models are now being created within women’s football at the highest level, we also need to recognise everyone involved in the sport that helps make the game a success.

The backbone of the sport, the foundations nurturing and developing women’s football at all levels – the players, the coaches, the clubs, the photographers, the football scholarship opportunities, the player agents and all the other individuals and businesses that play a part in the game.

By listening to other people’s, clubs’, and businesses’ stories and experiences we get a chance to learn and together around the world we can bring to the attention the opportunities available to us.

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