About Women’s Soccer City

Women’s Soccer City is brought to you by a dedicated and passionate team with almost 30 years of experience involved in women’s football.

Through our experiences it has opened our eyes to a side of the sport that needs attention.

Through our work we have received messages from players based all around the world desperately looking to find clubs to play for both in their local area and abroad.

Which is why we have created Women’s Soccer City to give a platform/hub for the players and clubs of all levels to connect – provide a valuable source of information of what’s happening at women’s football teams around the world as well as a place for players to promote themselves, their careers and what their future ambitions are.

We feel that no-one should be denied the chance to play football and we hope that Women’s Soccer City will highlight opportunities that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

As well as the clubs and players, Women’s Soccer City allows listings from other people who have involvement in the game including the photographers, scholarship companies, player agents – and if you think your link to women’s football is not represented here, then just get in contact with us and we will make it happen.

Like many of the people involved in women’s football, our team is composed of dedicated, passionate people who are working to grow the women’s game at all levels. Together, we strive to empower people to promote their connection to women’s football and share experiences with others.

We believe that by exploring the world of women’s football, we can make it even better for those involved.

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