Edge Soccer Schools

Football coaching company

Edge Soccer Schools is a football coaching company, providing individual and group sessions to kids that want to improve both strength and football ability.

We pride ourselves on encouraging kids to improve their skills and enjoyment in football.

Our mission:
– Increase the number of both girls & boys playing football by encouraging regular participation.
– Provide tailored to all age groups and levels of ability.
– Educate young people how to live a healthy lifestyle.
– Our coaches will continue their education with conferences, coaching licenses and workshops.
– Provide Talent I.D opportunities for young players creating links between players and local clubs.
– Provide individualised sessions based on assessments as wells as player and parents meetings.

Core Qualifications:

Masters in Sports Science


My names Amber Stobbs and I'm a professional Footballer for Everton Ladies F.C. I'm looking to help young players improve their game on and off the pitch. I have many years of coaching individual, group and team sessions that help players work on their strengths & weaknesses.

I have previously worked as a Strength Coach in U.S after completing my Masters in Sports Science. I attended Hofstra University on a full scholarship and have returned to the U.K to play professionally and coach kids who want to achieve their best.

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