Green Point Salesian

We're the girls in black. With neon socks.

We’re the girls in black. With neon socks, because our coach has a thing about bright colours. Socks aside, we’re a pretty fun soccer team (well we think we are) and we work pretty hard (well the coach likes to think we do. No, we do, we do, sorry coach). We play for Green Point Salesian FC, and if you’ve been thinking of joining a soccer team, congratulations, you just found it.

We’re open to all ages (even though we’ll never admit to what those are, exactly) and all playing levels. Training is provided, whether you need to learn to kick a ball for the first time or you just need to polish up your side scissor kick/Cruyff turn (no one on the team knows what those are, but Google assures us they’re a thing).
We’re in the 11-a-side ladies league for those that love games, but there’s no pressure to play matches if all you want to do is train/gossip/make fun of the socks.

Come and try us out. Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you with more details.

(PS. the colour of the socks is only disclosed once you sign on the dotted line and your soul is ours forever)

Founded: 1903
Age level(s): All ages welcome

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Stephan Way
Cape Town 8051 WC ZA
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