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Coaching, management, marketing, development & volunteering

Coaching, management, marketing, development & volunteering.
Bronze medal Latvian Women’s Premier League 2016.

“Football and travel are my passions in life. They bring me life-long friendships, unforgettable adventures and take me into situations that are sometimes hard to quantify. It isn’t about the winning and losing, it’s about the journey.”

Co-founded Riga United FC in 2007 – Europe’s most cosmopolitan national league amateur football club. 60 nationalities and counting.

Volunteered in Sierra Leone in 2013 for the Craig Bellamy Foundation.

Supported Bjørn Heidenstrøm’s “The Shirt” project in 2010 by ‘hitch-biking’ with Bjørn from Kenya to South Africa.

Played Latvian League 2 (2013-2016)

Attended 5 FIFA World Cups, 6 UEFA Euros, and 2 Copa Americas as a journalist and supporter.

To date, Justin has visited over 125 countries.

Nationality: British
Awards / Achievements:

Latvian Ladies Premier League Bronze Medalists (2016)
Created Riga United Ladies (2014)
Co-founded Riga United FC, took men’s team to national league and assistant coach (2012-2014)
Co-founded Riga United FC Academy (2013)


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  1. Inspirational

    What you have achieved within the game so far is truly inspirational, good luck on your continued work, I look forward to following your journey.

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