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Photojournalist & Women Rights Activist. Instagram

I think you can never capture reality unless you are living it, experiencing it. Photography is the closest art form or means of doing so…

Date of birth: 1987
Awards / Achievements:

• 2004 Appreciation from Social harm Reduction of Tehran for making a Documentary named (Through ice)
• 2006 Presence in Photo Exhibition of Art Students
• 2007 Presence in First Soureh Photo Exhibition
• 2007-2008 Presence in Theater Photo Exhibitions in Artists Home
• 2007-2008 Presence in Fifth and Sixth Celebration of Image of Year in Artists Home
• 2008 Member of Theatre Photographer Association
• 2008 Presence in Sport and Revolution Photo Exhibition
• 2008 First Place in Photo Competition of Street Theater
• 2008 Best Photo blog as a most active Photographer in internet
• 2009 Chosen by Sports Photo Competition – under 25 years old-
• 2009 Setup a Workshop about Sports Photo in RESANE Academy
• 2008 Presence in Workshop about NGO S in India
• 2008 Photo Exhibitions in Saba Cultural Center about women in 4 countries
• 2009 Presence in Workshop about online journalism in Berlin, Germany
• 2010 – March group Exhibitions named IRAN DAR YEK NEGAH in NAIROBI UNIVERSITY
• 2010 Exhibitions OF theatre photographer Association in Artists home
• 2010 – Appreciation of the AFC (The Asian Football Confederation)
• 2012 – A Day in the World is “largest global photo exhibition”.
• 2012- “Unexposed” is an exhibition gathering 40 young women artists from Iran starting November 9 in Brussels (Tour & Taxis) before moving to Athens and Warsaw.
• 2012 A ten days with Iranian photographers at Iranian Artists Forum Gallery.
• 2014 Selected as a hundred of Street Photographers in the world.
• 2014 Eyes On Main Street A photo exhibition and festival with the work of 100 photographers from around the world to bring life back to our main street in NYC.

Core Qualifications:

• 2003 Honorary diplomas from Theatre Festival of Girls Art School
• 2006 Honorary diplomas from Premier Theater photo Festival
• 2008 Honorary diplomas from women and urban life Competition


• 2005 Student Group Photo Exhibition in Azad University.
• 2009 Setup Exhibitions in Artists home

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