Shefford Saints Girls U-12

No star players, all team players.

Our girls football team is all about putting the Fun into learning football.

This is our third season as a football team,growing into a nice litte family team, and with the help and support of Shefford saints football club we aim to grow bigger and stronger.

We train once a week in Mondays. 7-8pm at the muga. And play matches on Saturday mornings.

Our goal is the development of youth football, starting with the very basics, and working our way along a programed path set out by the FA. Which is the FA 4- corner model. The guide lines of which are:-

Technical corner – developing technique

Psychological corner- increasing learning

Physical corner- improving movement

Social corner- enjoying football

Our manager / coach holds a level 1 FA coaching badge.

Girls football Is on the increase and is very quickly becoming as popular as the mens game ,And coming off the back of a great womens world cup it is only getting bigger and better.

So why not start them of on the right path early.

We are lucky enough to be sponsored this season by ACO water management.

Age level(s): Under 12
Bedfordshire FA

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Hitchin Road
Shefford SG17 5JD England GB
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